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Beginning January 2018, the Canadian Shorthorn Association changed over to a new registry system, Digital Beef. It is an all inclusive breed association management software system featuring state of the art technology. The American Shorthorn Association switched to Digital Beef in 2016 and numerous other beef breeds are on this registry system in Canada, United Staes and overseas.

The Digital Beef platform is more than just a system to register cattle, it is a complete cattle management system. It is designed for the breeder/rancher as well as the association office management. It provides faster, more comprehensive management of member data required of the association office and greatly expands the member’s herd management capabilities by making data entry direct and more efficient and providing quick, direct access to individual herd data for the breeder’s cattle management tasks without going through requests to the association office.



  • Real-time, online registry program

  • Member input directly to the system; including access to data entry and review using mobile devices.

  • Additional member management tools include: health records, pasture movement, breeding and calving data, semen and embryo inventories

  • Incorporates the CSA’s rules and registration requirements.

  • EPD data is integrated in the system, providing EPD management reports, EPD mating predictors and DNA/carcass data

  • Easy access to CSA member and animal data including mailing lists.

  • Assists CSA office management by providing invoicing and payment tracking.

  • Synergy with the American Shorthorn Association who is on the same system which ensures ease of animal data interpretation across registries by members of both associations.

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