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The Canadian Shorthorn Association (CSA) is a non-profit association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act in Canada. The principle purpose of the Act is to protect the longevity and integrity of distinct recognized breeds in Canada for those who raise and purchase animals. In accordance with the Act the Canadian Shorthorn Association’s primary purpose is the recording, registration and maintenance of Shorthorn pedigrees. The Act specifically defines the power of the Association and their accountability with respect to governance and bylaws including mandatory bylaws that provide guidance for the organizational structure and governing principles. In addition to it’s primary goal of maintaining pedigree accuracy and completeness, the CSA strives to promote, grow and improve the Shorthorn breed in Canada through national programs, education and events.

The CSA Board of Directors, comprised of 7 Directors, one each for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes (representing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI) are elected by their respective provincial membership to the National CSA Board to manage the affairs of the association in accordance with its bylaws, rules, and regulations.

The CSA Annual General Meeting is held in a different province each year, usually in June, at which time the Board of Directors is introduced for the year as well as the President and President-Elect for the year.




  • All members can register, transfer and record weights (BW, WW, YW) on their calves as well as carcass data and a full selection of dam/sire characteristics such as calving ease and docility.

  • All members have full access to the CSA’s Digital Beef Registry database, a state of the art on-line recording and look up system with access to all CSA member herd data.

  • All members have full access to input to and view the IGS Multi Breed Genetic Evaluation program which the CSA is a member of along with 12 other breeds, making it the largest multi breed performance evaluation program in the world.

  • Canadian Shorthorn Association membership includes membership in your provincial shorthorn association (See Provincial Shorthorn Associations)

  • All members have access to national and provincial marketing opportunities such as consignor sales, group advertising and regional farm shows and beef expo promotional displays.

  • All registered animals are eligible to participate in national and provincial Shorthorn shows.

  • Active members (seniors only) have voting rights on member bylaws in the CSA Constitution and they are eligible to serve on National and Provincial CSA Boards.

  • Active members have access to participation in all CSA media (Shorthorn Report magazine, Newsletters, Facebook and Website)

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