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The following was prepared to assist new Shorthorn breeders in applying for and becoming a member of the Canadian Shorthorn Association. If you have questions not answered here, the Canadian Shorthorn office would be happy to assist you.



  1. Membership Name – check the appropriate box on the application and give full name

    • The membership name you choose will be the name that appears as owner and/or breeder on all of your animal registration certificates; the name can be:

      • Individual (eg. John Smith) or
      • Couple (eg. John & Mary Smith) or
      • Family (eg. JM Smith & Family) or
      • Company (eg. StarSmith Cattle Co.) or
      • Partnership (eg. StarSmith & David Brown)
    • If animal registrations are to be applied for by a partnership or corporation, then the membership name should be in the exact name of the partnership or corporation.
  2. Types of Memberships Available
    • All types of CSA memberships are paid annually and cover the member from January 1st to December 31st of the paid-up year and the member is designated as an Active member.
    • All memberships include membership in the provincial association in which the member resides.
      • Senior – Individual (21 years of age and older), Couple, Family, Partnership, Company or Incorporated Organization.
      • Associate – Individual who does not have voting or animal registration privileges.
      • Junior – Individual under 21 years of age, with or without their own herd name, tattoo and animals registered in their name.
      • *Note: Juniors may be included in Senior family memberships however, if the Junior wishes to participate in recognized Canadian Shorthorn junior shows they must also apply for a Junior membership in their own name.
  3. Primary Contact Name – For all memberships the Association requires the name of the primary contact person for purposes of all communication from the Association.
  4. Farm / Ranch Name – If your membership name is NOT your farm name and you wish to include the farm name in your membership profile, please include it here.
  5. Mailing Address – This should be the mailing address of the primary contact
  6. Phones & Email – These should include the phone number(s) and email of the primary contact
  7. Applicant Signature
    • Person making the apllication for membership must sign and date the application
    • Person authorized to vote must sign and date application
    • *Note: Each Active Senior Membership only is entitled to one vote when CSA Constitution rules and regulations require a membership vote.
  8. Junior Membership – Juniors under the age of 21 are automatically included in family memberships, however, only Junior members who also apply for a separate junior membership will receive all Junior Member communications to the email address given and be eligible for designated Canadian Junior Shorthorn show participation.


  1. Membership Signing Authority

    • All couple, family, partnership, company or corporation memberships must designate one or more individuals who will have the authority to register, transfer, change or add information pertaining to the membership or animals registered under it. List all names with signatures and date of each member who will have the authority. Check if all names listed or any of the listed names have signing authority

  2. Application to Use Credit Card for Payment

    • Credit Card authorization allows the CSA to bill your credit card on file for any costs that arise for services requested (eg. enrollments, DNA, etc.)


  1. Herd Name

    • New senior members (and junior members if applicable) are required to register a herd name to be used as a prefix when naming cattle for registration. A herd name must be unique among Canadian Shorthorn Association members and therefore must be approved. The maximum number of characters plus spaces between numbers and/or letters allowed in a registered animal’s name is 30. Take this into consideration when selecting your herd name so as to have what you feel will be enough space to add an animal name and number/year letter after the Herd Name when registering your calves

      • Example: if a member’s farm name is Bonny Bay Shorthorn Farm they could choose Bonny Bay as their Herd Name and a registered animal could be named Bonny Bay Starlight 1F or they might choose BBS and their registered animal could be BBS Starlight 1F.

  2. Tattoo Letters

    • Every registered animal in the Canadian Shorthorn Registry must have a tattoo in the right or left ear as a permanent, unique identifier for that animal. There are 3 parts to a complete tattoo:

      • Herd Letters (3 or 4 letters) which the member must apply for and cannot already be in use (sometimes the same as Herd Name; see BBS above)

      • Animal Number (1 to 4 digits) is unique in the members herd for that registration year. Most often the numbers are assigned in date of birth order eg; 1st born, 2nd born etc could be 1, 2 or 101, 102 etc.

      • Year Letter represents the animal’s year of birth according to the letters pre-assigned for all tattooed cattle in North America (See below for Year Letter sequence)

        • Example: using Bonny Bay Shorthorn Farm in the above example, the member might choose BBS or BBSF and if those tattoo letters are already taken, he might try his initials JES for John Eric Smith

        • Tattoo Example: 2021 registrations

          • BBS 1J (1st calf born)

          • BBS 2J (2nd calf born)

*Note: the following letters are NOT used: “I” , “O” , “Q” , “V”

2005 – R

2006 – S

2007 – T

2008 – U

2009 – W

2010 – X

2011 – Y

2012 – Z

2013 – A

2014 – B

2015 – C

2016 – D

2017 – E

2018 – F

2019 – G

2020 – H

2021 – J

2022 – K

2023 – L

2024 – M

2025 – N

2026 – P

2027 – R

2028 – S

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