DNA is the generic term for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’ which carries the genetic information in the cells of all living organisms. DNA testing in beef cattle is commonly used for: Parentage determination • Genetic abnormality detection (conditions/defects) • Trait determination (horned/polled, color) • increasing the accuracy of EPDs (GE-EPDs)



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GGP – 100K Combo Package

Includes parentage verification, GE-EPDs, 4 Condition/Defect Tests (TH, PHA, DS, Myostatin)


GGP – 100K

Includes parentage verification & GE – EPDs


Basic SNP Panel (200 SNPs) 

Includes parentage verification only


  1. All bulls that will sire progeny must be sire verified by DNA test before their progeny can be registered

  2. All bulls that will sire progeny must be TH tested in order to register their progeny OR  a bull whose sire and dam have both been TH tested FREE may be considered TH free by pedigree and therefore do not require the TH test. NOTE: The result of the TH test will have no effect on eligibility for registration.

  3. All Embryo calves must be verified to their Dam and Sire by DNA test Therefore, all dams and sires of embryo calves must have their DNA on record.


Around 2015 the standard DNA technology used among all beef breeds became the SNP test. SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) technology can isolate 10’s of thousands of markers which compared to older technology (STR Microsatellite DNA) results in fewer errors, easier, often less expensive automation, and provides sufficient genomic material to produce GE-EPDs.

In 2017, IGS (Division of American Simmental Association) developed GE-EPDs which are the original EPDs created from breeders submitting birth, weaning and yearling weights, and adding DNA genomic marker data ( from SNP test samples) to produce Genomically Enhanced EPDs which are markedly more accurate.


GE-EPDs are only available on animals with DNA at the GGP-uLD 30K SNP or higher. They are distinguishable in the Digital Beef Registry by yellow highlight on the animals’ EPD figures.

All current standard DNA tests are SNP.  Occasionally, a sire and or dam may have an old Microsatellite DNA on record. SNP and Microsatellite DNA records cannot be compared, therefore, a special Microsatellite DNA will need to be performed on the new animal being tested in order to compare to the Dam or Sire’s old DNA, or if an old sample is still available in storage on the Dam or Sire it may be possible to retest using SNP on the old sample. The Registry office will advise the member if this situation arises.


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