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For a sampling of Print Ads the Canadian Shorthorn Association has used in the past, click here. You will be taken to a separate page to view the ads in "flip" catalog mode. *Note - you cannot print from this catalog view format. For a regular PDF file, click here (3.8 MB).


Articles from the Canadian Shorthorn Report... These articles are in PDF format


Anwender Cattle Company


Double Star Stock Farm


Semiahmoo Shorthorns


Twin Maple Shorthorns


Buffalo Lake Shorthorns


Herbourne Shorthorns


110 Years of Shorthorns


Visual Appraisal of Beef Cattle


The Thompsons of Poplar Park


Shadybrook Farm - A Program with a Plan... and a Destiny


Procter Farms


Hatfield Shorthorns


Hill Haven Shorthorns - A Story of New Life Adventures...


Coat Colors in the Shorthorn Breed


More to come soon - please come back...